Trigger Point Injections (TPI)

Trigger Point Injections are a nonsurgical pain management technique that are used when physical therapy, medications, or exercise have not provided relief to painful areas in the muscle. Common areas where TPIs are performed are the upper, mid and lower back area as well as the neck and shoulders. 


What is a Trigger Point?

Trigger points are painful areas of the muscle in the form of tight knots or bands of muscle or connective tissue. Trigger points can be caused by trauma, overuse, inactivity


How is a Trigger Point Injection performed?

Depending on the location of the trigger point your provider may have you lie down or sit on the exam table. They will locate the trigger point and clean the area. While pinching the trigger point to keep it in place, your provider will insert the needle and inject the medication. A light massage of the area may occur after.


What to expect after a Trigger Point Injection?

It is normal to expect some tenderness, bruising, soreness and mild pain at the site of the injection. Your provider may recommend some stretches, exercises or physical therapy to maximize the effectiveness of the injection. A follow up appointment will be scheduled to see how well the trigger point injection helped, additional injections may be required.


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